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ChessEarthDotInfo Blog

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


  Visit the Gallery Vitrine

Chess Earth Dot Info

delivers the whole facinating spectrum
of the pluriform chess abstract boardgame
at your service.


With navigating through the Gallery,
and the updated, searchable abstract boardgame webdirectory

We also have detailed written and visual information in reference to
ancient to avant-garde chess variants and a chess compendium containing
chess basic theory.

Gallery, Compendium Variants,
Web Directory and contact,
as stated with the index.

Exclusive hand crafted affordable artsan
fossilized mammoth ivory (and wood or amber)
chess desks or figurines of museum quality;

designs in a myriad of genres, from authentic to avant-garde.

Furthermore, we have listed a number of preferred affiliates, such as Arena
Free Chess Software !! and Spurl Free Online Bookmarks !!, and many more.

Visitors may forward ChessEarthDotInfo's articles, post a comment or leave a message at the ShoutBox.

Webmasters may exchange links.

Finally, we invite you to join our free periodical chess e-mail alert service. ChessEarthDotInfo also hosts three open and moderated forums for the Whoolly Mammoth, chess and collectors, you may post messages or join as a member.

We trust this information is sufficient for your purposes.

Yours sincerely,

Rythmos Creative Advisory

The Netherlands

FAO: Mr. M. Veneman

* Netsuke figurines *
* Pleistocene fossils *
* Chess collectables *

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