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Friday, February 18, 2005


Exclusive hand crafted affordable artsan
fossilized mammoth ivory (and wood or amber)
chess desks or figurines of museum quality;

designs in a myriad of genres, from authentic to avant-garde


Barleycorn, Staunton, Calvert , Selenus


Roses, Opposition, 21th Century


Unique crafted individual designs

* Various (dated) chess tools and collectables, on rotating vitrine exhibit *

(chess desks, timers, pleistocene fossils, netsuke figurines, etc. etc.).

Individual and unique exclusive designs

as from Eur. 100 (usd 130/gbp 70 -feb05), up to and including Eur. 20.000 (usd 25,000 / gbp 14,000) for a complete new 32 figurines, and exclusive board from wood, amber or certified mammoth ivory.

Endorsed by the european renowned artists, leading GM 's, etc..
Please visit the chess gallery vitrine for exclusive crafted designs, as well as the pleistocene fossils for sale (exclusively from the Mammoth Soceity Ltd.) to artists and musea. We feature an Article and forum pertaining to the honorable Netsuke Figurine Sculpture by western master artisan craftsman and the exclusive figurine sculpture.

Rythmos Creative Advisory is pleased to assist you with your questions, and can provide individual with large scale pictures enclosed mailing.

International door-to-door insured airfreight.

We herewith present our monthly featured exclusive crafted chess-desk, please enquire for easy and arranged affordable terms and conditions.

~ Swan Lake ~


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